The Fons Vitae Lodge No. 8744 was formed by a combination of Old Tridents and those with a close association with Trent College. There were 25 Founder Members, one of whom, D.L. Waller was the first Master.

The principle reason for the formation of the Lodge was to establish and maintain a linkage with Trent College and to encourage membership in order to assist those objectives.

Several members of the Lodge are also active members of the Old Tridents Society.

The Fons Vitae Mother Lodge is the Fairfield Lodge No. 2224 and it has a Sister Lodge the Harrington Lodge No. 5098, both of which also meet at the Long Eaton Masonic Hall.

As a matter of interest (Sarge) Robert Kemp, who was a member of the Lodge prior to his demise, is remembered in our ceremonies by the use of his swagger stick which he proudly presented to the Lodge.